Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas at Lush- Show and Tell Part 2

So yesterday you saw a few of the limited edition bits that Lush has to offer this Christmas. This post contains some more of those limited edition products and some gift sets. Let’s start with my two favourite products from this year.

This year Lush has two new products for the lips. And they are both excellent.

Santa’s Lip Scrub (€7.20) is this year’s take on their ever popular collection of lip scrubs. Lush lip scrubs have always been a favourite of mine and this is no different. It contains caster sugar and extra virgin coconut oil to help exfoliate dry chapped lips and leave them feeling soft. But the best part about it is the taste. It’s flavoured with cola. Yup, that’s right- it tastes like fizzy cola bottles!! This is my favourite lip scrub yet. Also how cute are the little love hearts on top when you open it. This is a winner for me.

Next is Santa Baby Lip Tint (€7.20). This tint is a classic red shade that packs a lot of punch. It is super pigmented and I am blown away by it. It contains fair trade butters for softening, cinnamon for plumping and cherries for a sweet taste. It goes onto the lips smoothly. This is a perfect way for the faint hearted to rock a red lip because you can use it like a lip stain for less colour.  Or if you like a bright red lip, layer it for a more full on look.

Next up we have some Lush Christmas gift sets. I really like how Lush has gone with a retro theme in their gift sets this year. The wrapping paper used would look in place under the tree in a 1980’s home.

Ho Ho Ho gift set (€12.50) contains a Father Christmas bath bomb and Snow Globe soap. The packaging is super cute and retro. 

Father Christmas bath bomb is a limited edition bath bomb that contains citrus scents like mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute. When you dunk this in your bath it will dissolve into a pink and green fizz.

Snow Globe soap smells amazing! It contains gorgeous citrus fragrances like citrus oil, lemongrass and grapefruit oil. These are a few of my favourite scents so this is probably my favourite soap of all time. I think I’m going to have to stock up on this!

Home For Christmas gift set (€21.95) contains two of Lush’s bestselling products and two limited edition Christmas products. The packaging is inspired by the artist William Morris and looks very classic.

The Olive Branch shower gel is well loved and for a good reason. It contains olive oil to leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised. It has a great Mediterranean scent with hints of vine leaves and bergamot oil.

Dream Cream  is Lush’s number one selling product. The cult hand and body lotion contains lots of amazing ingredients that help to sooth and nourish dry and sensitive skins. I have a few friends with Eczema that swears by this lotion.

I have already written about the Fun collection from Lush so check out that review here. The Gold Fun bar is no different but it has a gold lustre and is scented with the fragrance of Honey I Washed The Kids soap.  It’ll be a winner with kids for sure.

Snowcake soap is a Christmas bestseller for Lush and is another favourite of mine. It is super softening and smells exactly like marzipan. I mean, what’s not to like?

So that’s all I have to show you from the Lush Christmas collection this year. And my two last posts are just the tip of the iceberg. They have so many more products and gift sets on offer so check them out in store. I think Lush do some of the best Christmas gift sets. The packaging is always to die for, the products are great, the price point is reasonable and there is usually something for everyone.This year they even have some David Bowie gift sets. I want them all!

Have you seen what Lush have to offer this Christmas? Anything catching your eye?

Bye for now,



  1. Wow thats insanely pigmented and thats only a tint? omg! haha

    i hated the scrub i smelt it in lush and it smelt horrible i didnt get cola bottles at all?

  2. Love all your picks I'm doing a giveaway of the tint and scrub set next week!

  3. I love LUSH! I recently just did a post on the mint lip scrub saying that i really had my eyes on trying this scrub as well, I think you sold me for sure!
    Love your blog, glad I found it!


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