Monday, 11 November 2013

The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose

Ah The Body Shop White Musk. It really is a classic isn’t it? I first remember it been the scent of my older sister when she was a teenager.  Anytime I could get my hands on the bottle I’d spritz myself all over and feel like quite the sophisticated adult. Well now The Body Shop has released another scent to add to the classic line of White Musk and that is White Musk Smoky Rose.

While the original White musk can be described as a heady scent, the White Musk Smoky Rose is a scent that is very unique and something I haven’t experienced too often before. Its list of ingredients begins with bergamot, blackcurrant and pink pepper which give it a sweet yet spicy scent. Then it moves into tobacco flower and black smoky rose for an underlying floral note. Finally it adds a heady musky feel with immortelle flower and olibanum. The combination of all these ingredients leads to a scent that isn’t for the fainthearted by any means. 

The scent to me is definitely an evening scent. When I first got hold of it, I found it strong and overpowering. However after the initial blast of perfume I found it calmed down to a complicated sweet, spicy and floral aroma that really did appeal to my nose. It reminds me of heading out on the town on a cold Christmas night. I’d be wrapped up in a big furry coat and warm scarf but underneath there will be a party dress and a seductive smokey eye makeup.  There is just something about the scent of White Musk Smoky Rose that I love.  

The range comes in an Eau De Parfum (€20.95), a Body Wash (€15.95) and a Body Lotion (€13.95), all pictured here. They also have an Eau de Toilette and a Fragrance Mist if you like the scent but want something a bit softer.  I love when companies bring out a range of products for layering. By using the shower gel, body lotion and Eau De Parfum, you will be left with a scent that will last all day. I also like that the body lotion has a handy pump. It really is the little things sometimes!

Ultimately I think White Musk Smoky Rose is a scent that will appeal to many for different reasons and is definitely worth a visit to your nearest The Body Shop for a whiff!

Have you tried any of the White Musk range? What did you think?

Bye for now,



  1. I don't normally like "musky" scents, but I do love rose scents in general and this sounds gorgeous with the pink pepper, bergamot and tobacco - very grown up. Really like the sound of this - will definitely have to test it one of the days. Thanks for sharing! x

    Belle Morte Beauty

  2. I didn't like the original musk that The Body Shop do.. but I must go and have a sniff of this one!

  3. Ooh, this sounds lovely! I like stronger scents so I'll definitely have to check this out!

  4. I love this collection I'm saving my set for my nana or she'll kill me:)

  5. I didn`t like the original white musk but I`m definitely crazy in love with the white musk smoky rose :)

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