Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pixy Soothing Body Balm

So it’s never been a hidden fact that I really love the Irish skincare brand Pixy. So when I’m sent a new package or product to try, I’m one happy lady. The most recent product I was sent for review is their Soothing Body Balm (€12.99).

So like most of their lotions and potions, the Soothing Body Balm is packaged in a circular tin container. Now the first thing I noticed is that for a 100ml tin, it felt like air. But when I opened it up, I figured out why. The Soothing Body Balm looked a whipped moose formula, hence the super lightness of it. When you take some of the product into your hands it has a lovely light, bubbly moose texture. However as soon as you start slathering it on, it melts into an oil which soaks very quickly into your skin.  A little really goes a long way with this balm, as the tiniest amount will cover your whole arm.

You might only need to use a tiny amount of this product at a go but you notice a big difference. The ingredients, which include Cocoa and Shea butter, Vitamin E and Calendula Natural Oil, leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised. This would be the perfect body balm to help sooth dry skin conditions, especially coming into the winter. I used this all over my Keratosis Pilaris on my arms and legs and it made a noticeable difference to the dryness and texture of my skin.

So if all that wasn't enough for you, there is the scent of the Soothing Body Balm. The main ingredients that help to contribute to the overall fragrance of the balm are Ylang Ylang and lavender essential oils. I generally hate lavender scents but the combination with Ylang Ylang and all the other butters and oils gives it a soft, natural and not too overwhelming scent. In fact it’s the perfect kind of product to massage on after a hot shower or bath just before heading to bed. The fragrance is quite relaxing and the oils will do wonders for your skin overnight.

So that’s it for my review today. The Soothing Body Balm is yet another winner from Pixy. I feel like all I ever do is gush about how good Pixy products are, which I do. But that is because, having either been sent for review or bought by myself, I have not found a Pixy product I didn't like. That really is saying something!

Have you tried Pixy yet? Let me know if you have and what you thought in the comments below!

Bye for now,



  1. Oooh it sounds like something I could do with! My dry skin is awful around my elbows and knees especially, so might try it for Christmas!

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